Candidate Statement

We seek a diverse representation of our many communities and particularly encourage women, gender non-conforming, LGBTQI, low-income, and people of color to apply. If you want to share anything about your communities in your statement you are welcome to do so. No more than two-three paragraphs, please. Thank you!

What experiences would make you a good Board member or officer?

What year did you join your co-op or solidarity economy organization? What has been your involvement in CEANYC so far? What do you think have been your major accomplishments in your organization or the cooperative/solidarity economy movement?

What other experience would make you a good Board member or officer?

Please describe work, volunteer, educational, or other life experience related to co-ops, solidarity economics, social justice, environmental issues, racial justice, or any other experience that you feel would be useful to you on the CEANYC Board of Directors. Have you served on any boards in other nonprofits or membership organizations?

Why is CEANYC important on you?

Why did you join CEANYC? What is most important about CEANYC to you? How would you like CEANYC to grow?

What do you hope to accomplish as a Board member or officer?

What goals do you have for your time on the board? What do you envision CEANYC’s membership and programs will look like at the end of your term?