CEANYC Goes to Washington!

This #CoopMonth, cooperators from around the world joined each other for the National Cooperative Business Association’s Coop IMPACT Conference in Arlington, Virginia. CEANYC Staff had the opportunity to participate in a youth-focused cohort: The Cooperative Leaders and Scholars Institute (CLSI). CLSI offers scholarships and programming to cooperators under 35 from around the country and across sectors. We came from food co-ops on the west coast, credit unions in the nation’s capitol, cooperative economy graduate programs, nationwide worker cooperative support networks, and more. The CSLI kicked off with a cohort dinner where young cooperators got to meet each other and hear from NCBA Board Member and U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives Executive Director Esteban Kelly. Kelly talked about his co-op origin story, chronicling his background in community organizing work in New York and his involvement with the Berkeley Student Cooperative, where students not only lived cooperatively, but ran democratically-controlled businesses and groceries. In other words, where a cross-sectoral approach was foundational. The Berkeley Student Cooperative houses and feeds over 1300 university students. CSLI participants attended the regular conference, but also had […]

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Solidarity Snapshot: Lauren Taylor Hudson

Lauren Taylor Hudson, SolidarityNYC and CEANYC Peer Educator, CUNY Graduate Center How did you get into this work? A couple of ways. The most straightforward is that I was involved in campus endowment organizing through the Responsible Endowments Coalition when I was an undergrad. I had pretty centrist, middle of the road liberal politics for most of my college years, and I was looking for general ‘feel good’ things to channel those interests into (I was also the co-chair of our Young Democrats club..). It wasn’t until REC that I met other people with intersecting interests that were to the left of mine. This is also when I began to understand the relationship between a model or strategy and your broader politics. By the time I graduated I was very much to the left of where I started, and wanted to just learn learn learn. Occupy had just happened, so I was riding that reverberating energy. That’s when I got back in touch with Cheyenna who was my organizer/campus wrangler at REC, who then convinced me to come be a […]

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838 Park: A Story of Cooperation Among Cooperatives

838 Park: A Story of Cooperation Among Cooperatives 838 Park became an HDFC (Housing Development Fund Corporation), a limited equity—or capped income—co-op in 2005, and is one of 72 HDFC co-op buildings with 1,349 units in Crown Heights. There are 355 HDFC co-op buildings in Brooklyn with 5,291 units, and 1,283 HDFC co-op buildings and 26,201 units city-wide, according to the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB), an organization that supports residents and shareholders to create and sustain affordable housing cooperatives. Most were formed during the 1970s when landlords abandoned thousands of buildings, leaving a significant amount of New Yorkers with a housing crisis. UHAB and residents took matters into their own hand, and through sweat equity, cooperation, and collective ownership secured genuinely affordable and quality housing for low and moderate income New Yorkers. Long-term shareholder Rebecca Robinson-Lawrence recalls, “I have lived at 838 Park Place for almost fifty years and to have your home go from being nearly condemned and/or sold off to a private entity to a moderately priced cooperative is nothing short of a miracle.  No one would […]

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Solidaritat: What Barcelona’s Social and Solidarity Economy Means for NYC

Solidaritat: What Barcelona’s Social and Solidarity Economy Means for NYC At the end of June, activists from Mexico, the United States, and Canada gathered at the Fearless Cities Conference—North America’s first ever municipalist summit—to discuss local strategies to build a more just, democratic, and inclusive economy from the ground up. CEANYC participated in the Solidarity Economy track, exchanging with and learning from cooperators around the world, including Laurent Levesque of Montreal’s Chantier and Alvaro Porro, Barcelona’s new Commissioner of Social Economy (yes, this is a government position that exists in Barcelona!). We are honored to have gotten to spend extended time learning more about Barcelona’s solidarity economy, and are eager to share the information and lessons learned with our fellow New Yorkers. Over the past four years, with the election of Ada Colau—the city’s first woman mayor—alongside several other activists, Barcelona has experienced a significant shift Left in their local governance. Many people who have spent their lives fighting economic inequality at the grassroots level—squatters, housing organizers, food justice activists—now hold government offices, leveraging the City’s resources to build a […]

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CEANYC at the Fearless Cities Conference

We are so excited to be presenting in two sessions at North America’s first-ever Fearless Cities Municipalist Conference. The conference, will take place July 27-July 29, seeks to progress the growing international movement to democratize and feminize political institutions at the municipal level, and will include participants coming from Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Greater Caribbean!   This Saturday at 2PM, come hear from CEANYC Board Members Evan Casper-Futterman (SolidarityNYC, CEANYC Co-founder, Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative) and Emilie Miyauchi (former CSA Coordinator at Just Food) about “Building Power for a Stronger Solidarity Economy.” In this session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the ways the solidarity economy—comprised of consumer, housing, and worker cooperatives, community land trusts, CSA programs, community development credit unions, and support organizations—operates in NYC. We will also explore its potential for transforming power within and across urban regions in the United States and around the world drawing on examples such as the Chantier in Montreal and Seikatsu in Japan. The session is designed to be participatory and interactive among participants who are active in […]

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