CEANYC Apoya los Inmigrantes

Los neoyorquinos inmigrantes son parte de la esencia de nuestra ciudad. Nuestros puntos fuertes como neoyorquinos – nuestra diversidad de cultura, nuestra tolerancia, y nuestros negocios dinámicos – se basan en el trabajo y las tradiciones de los inmigrantes. Las cooperativas, jardines comunitarios, cooperativas de crédito, fideicomisos de tierras comunitarias, y otras innovaciones prometedoras para una sociedad justa están profundamente arraigadas en los legados y las prácticas de los inmigrantes. Honramos a todas nuestras comunidades de inmigrantes y resistimos la narrativa que enfrenta a los “buenos” inmigrantes contra los “malos”. ¡Y exigimos que nuestro gobierno haga lo mismo!  CEANYC pide a nuestro Alcalde, nuestro Concejo Municipal, nuestros miembros del Congreso y nuestro Gobernador que protejan a los inmigrantes neoyorquinos en utilizar todos los medios a su alcance para apoyar la abolición inmediata de la Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE), y cualquier restricción sobre la libre circulación de personas a través de las fronteras. (Te preguntas ¿de qué se trata esto? Eche un vistazo al a plataforma de política de inmigración de Mijente.) Aplaudimos al Contralor Estatal Thomas DiNapoli en […]

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CEANYC Stands in Solidarity With Immigrants

Immigrant New Yorkers are the lifeblood of our city. Our greatest strengths as New Yorkers – our diversity of culture, our tolerance, and our thriving businesses – are all built upon the labor and traditions of immigrants. Our city’s cooperatives, gardens, credit unions, community land trusts, and other bright innovations for a just society are all deeply rooted in immigrant legacies and practices. We honor all of our immigrant communities and resist the narrative that pits ‘good’ immigrants against ‘bad’ ones. And we demand that our government do the same! The Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City calls upon our Mayor, City Council, members of Congress, and Governor to protect immigrant New Yorkers by using all available methods to support the immediate abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and any restrictions upon the free movement of people across borders. (Wondering what this means? Check out the immigration policy platform by Mijente.) We applaud State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli in his decision to divest state pension fund holdings in private prison and immigration detention centers, and encourage similar action from […]

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CEANYC Joins the Healthy Food Financing Initiative!

CEANYC is excited to join the American Heart Association and other organizations in the fight for healthy food access in New York. As food cooperatives, community gardens, CSA programs, and other solidarity economy groups, we know that access to healthy food can revitalize local economies, create jobs, and improve the health of New Yorkers. This is why we are partnering with folks that want to expand financing to help local food retail thrive! We are calling on Mayor Bill De Blasio to fund: $15 million to help New Yorkers afford fresh fruits and vegetables by expanding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) incentives such as Health Bucks; $10 million to create a Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) to help local food retail to open, expand, and improve in neighborhoods that need food and jobs the most; and $3 million to expand healthy corner store initiatives so that existing corner stores can offer healthier food options to their customers. How can CEANYC members support? As the Mayor and City Council decide on the city budget for the coming year, we are encouraging our members to ask them to include funding to ensure every family has access to the foods that help support a balanced diet and a healthier life. Call […]

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Welcome Peer Educators

We are excited to announce three new peer educators! Read more about them below (and if you are interested in becoming a Peer Educator contact us at organize@gocoopnyc.com):     Deneen Reynolds-Knott is a playwright/workshop facilitator living in Brooklyn, New York. She is a volunteer Brooklyn Urban Gardener (BUG) with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, supporting community gardens around the borough. Currently, she is organizing a group of Teaching Theatre Artists to explore forming a workers-cooperative.       Jess Turner is a Black herbalist, urban farmer and educator helping marginalized communities build autonomy through land-based healing practices. She and comrades are in the planning stages of a worker-owned medicinal herb farm called Stellaria Farm Coop.   Emilie Miyauchi s a facilitator, educator, and organizer with over ten years of experience building community-controlled food systems and cultivating grassroots leadership with organizations in Baltimore, the Hudson Valley, and NYC. She comes to her work with particular focus on anti-racist and de-colonized institutional and personal relationships. A lover of both history and sci-fi, she believes we must be awake to our histories and free in our imagination of the future […]

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Snapshot: Ed Yaker

Board Member and Treasurer for the Amalgamated Housing Corporation Board Member of A.H. Consumers Society Board Member of Herman Liebman Memorial Fund How did you get into this work? I was born and raised here at Amalgamated.  I lived elsewhere for a few years, and when I got my own apartment here as a shareholder, I noticed changes in the neighborhood.  I ran for the board, and was first elected in December 1977.  The night I was elected, Hy Bass who was president at the time said to me, “It’s like a vacuum, it’s going to suck you in.”  Wow, was he right.  There were three years that I wasn’t on the Amalgamated board, but I have been active in this co-op and other co-op organizations more than forty years now. What does ‘solidarity economy’ mean to you? I’m not that familiar with the term but it strikes me as being aligned with the philosophy of “the greatest good for the greatest number of people.”  It’s a natural fit for cooperatives, promoting benefits for all, not just a few. What […]

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