Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy

From June 9-11, cooperators from around the country gathered at Fordham University Lincoln Center to attend the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (ECWD). The ECWD is a non-profit cooperative organization. It is managed by a coordination council elected by the ECWD general membership, and they work in close partnership with the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives. The conference, held every year in the Eastern United States, exposes people to the concept of worker-ownership, and develops relationships between cooperatives, labor institutions, and resource organizations. This year’s conference featured a variety of workshops, starting off with a day of pre-conference sessions which included a day-long workshop on “Advancing the Development of Worker Cooperatives,” facilitated by Jessica Gordon Nembhard. Participants discussed not only the practical aspects of building and sustaining a worker-owned business, but also the political and theoretical framework and future of the cooperative movement. Other Friday sessions included a legal intensive as well as a bookkeeping intensive. Saturday and Sunday were filled with different workshops, including some shining a spotlight on important aspects of the solidarity economy movement that get less […]

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Take Back the Fight

Content Warning: Sexual Violence Interference Archive’s most recent exhibit, “Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual Violence from the Ground Up,” casts a much needed spotlight on the anti-sexual violence organizing that has occurred throughout history and in different parts of the world. So much of the conversation and rhetoric around anti-sexual violence work posits rape and other acts of sexual violence as isolated and interpersonal exchanges or interactions. However, this exhibit emphasizes the ways in which womxn and allies have collectively worked to resist patriarchy in ways that undermine root causes of violence rather than retroactively respond to its specific iterations. This exhibit was done in collaboration with the Lesbian Herstory Archives and presents the work and documentation of groups advocating for transformative justice, radical self-defense education, a Black feminist response to sexual violence, queer and transgender/gender nonconforming justice, a strong critique of White Feminist responses to sexual violence,and holding universities accountable to violence that occurs on campus. The exhibit closes with a discussion of social media’s role in anti-sexual violence organizing, giving visitors the opportunity to write in relevant hashtags, which included #stopneoliberalsexeducation, #SurvivedandPunished, and #niunamenos. […]

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NYC NoWC Training Series

On July 11, a couple dozen New Yorkers gathered at Starr Bar to enjoy some rice and beans, reasonably priced beers, and more importantly, to learn about the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives new training series they are launching in partnership with the Murphy Institute. This information session was the first convening of multiple to support New Yorkers looking to take ownership of their work and create democratic work environments. NYC NoWC’s Tammy Shapiro started by asking the attendees to pair up and explain to each other their relationship with ‘work.’ Unsurprisingly, the crowd responded with things like ‘not being able to avoid sick days’ or ‘having to do whatever my boss tells me for fear of losing my job.’ The alternative the group was looking for? Worker-owner cooperatives! After walking everybody through some powerful statistics—like the fact that women and people of color comprise the vast majority of worker-owners in New York City—as well as an overview of logistics (what type of support cooperatives need and what New York has to offer in terms of technical assistance), attendees were […]

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Bushwick Summer Bash

On July 16th, the Bushwick Food Co-op held it’s Summer Bash fundraiser. Trans-Pecos hosted the event, where folks of all ages came out to support the cooperative. The attendees were able to purchase a range of goods from Equal Exchange, True Leaves Floral located in Bushwick, Haven Cycles, and Into Quinoa, while dancing to live music performances by the L Train Brass Band, Dor Heled, and Cumpleanos. The Bushwick Food Coop has been around since 2012 and strives to provide healthy, responsible, and reasonably priced food and supports farmers and food distributors who share the same values. To learn more about what the co-op is up to (as well as read about their weekly food features) check out their blog here!

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About Our Directory

In times of crisis and corruption, we continue to see which solutions work—repair homes, sustain food sources, create jobs, save lives—and which ones do not. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, we were reminded that cooperation in the form of community self-organization and networks of solidarity kept the death count low while large non-profit organizations, corporations, and government support failed to make long-term and effective change. People share, barter, crowdsource, and sacrifice in order to replenish what has been taken from them and maintain what little they may have. Such collaboration has been and will be our greatest strength in the face of other inevitable natural disasters, increased militarization, police brutality, gentrification, and economic crisis. While the resilience and power of a people united is most visible in times of catastrophe, these networks of inter- and cross- community support are operating every day around the world, including here in New York City. Yet, the solidarity economy, despite its rich and diverse history as well as intuitive logic, remains an ‘alternative’ to our dominant system: extractive capitalism. In order to figure […]

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