Take Back the Fight

Content Warning: Sexual Violence Interference Archive’s most recent exhibit, “Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual Violence from the Ground Up,” casts a much needed spotlight on the anti-sexual violence organizing that has occurred throughout history and in different parts of the world. So much of the conversation and rhetoric around anti-sexual violence work posits rape and other acts of sexual violence as isolated and interpersonal exchanges or interactions. However, this exhibit emphasizes the ways in which womxn and allies have collectively worked to resist patriarchy in ways that undermine root causes of violence rather than retroactively respond to its specific iterations. This exhibit was done in collaboration with the Lesbian Herstory Archives and presents the work and documentation of groups advocating for transformative justice, radical self-defense education, a Black feminist response to sexual violence, queer and transgender/gender nonconforming justice, a strong critique of White Feminist responses to sexual violence,and holding universities accountable to violence that occurs on campus. The exhibit closes with a discussion of social media’s role in anti-sexual violence organizing, giving visitors the opportunity to write in relevant hashtags, which included #stopneoliberalsexeducation, #SurvivedandPunished, and #niunamenos. […]

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Board of Directors Training

On July 15th, people from different cooperatives in different sectors—Bushwick Food Cooperative, the New York Network of Worker Cooperatives, Central Brooklyn Food Cooperative, the Real Estate Investment Cooperative, and Westchester Food Cooperative (in Pennsylvania)—came out to Brooklyn Commons to learn about how to better serve as a cooperative Board member. Facilitators Jim Johnson and Lauryl Berger Chun—both seasoned cooperators and certified facilitators—went over a range of topics with participants, including but not limited to: fiduciary responsibility, cooperative principles, job descriptions, and fundraising. Participants were given time to break out and workshop issues they are facing in their particular cooperative while troubleshooting with other folks with different perspectives. This training, intended as an introductory survey workshop on being a Board member of a cooperative, served as a great entry point for those new to either cooperatives or Board seats. We are looking forward to developing this assistance further and continuing to utilize popular education methods and peer-to-peer learning in order to facilitate stronger conversation across cooperatives and across sectors. Thank you so much to Brooklyn Commons for offering the space and Bed Stuy Fresh […]

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NYC NoWC Training Series

On July 11, a couple dozen New Yorkers gathered at Starr Bar to enjoy some rice and beans, reasonably priced beers, and more importantly, to learn about the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives new training series they are launching in partnership with the Murphy Institute. This information session was the first convening of multiple to support New Yorkers looking to take ownership of their work and create democratic work environments. NYC NoWC’s Tammy Shapiro started by asking the attendees to pair up and explain to each other their relationship with ‘work.’ Unsurprisingly, the crowd responded with things like ‘not being able to avoid sick days’ or ‘having to do whatever my boss tells me for fear of losing my job.’ The alternative the group was looking for? Worker-owner cooperatives! After walking everybody through some powerful statistics—like the fact that women and people of color comprise the vast majority of worker-owners in New York City—as well as an overview of logistics (what type of support cooperatives need and what New York has to offer in terms of technical assistance), attendees were […]

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Bushwick Summer Bash

On July 16th, the Bushwick Food Co-op held it’s Summer Bash fundraiser. Trans-Pecos hosted the event, where folks of all ages came out to support the cooperative. The attendees were able to purchase a range of goods from Equal Exchange, True Leaves Floral located in Bushwick, Haven Cycles, and Into Quinoa, while dancing to live music performances by the L Train Brass Band, Dor Heled, and Cumpleanos. The Bushwick Food Coop has been around since 2012 and strives to provide healthy, responsible, and reasonably priced food and supports farmers and food distributors who share the same values. To learn more about what the co-op is up to (as well as read about their weekly food features) check out their blog here!

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About Our Poster

We are so grateful to Josh MacPhee—a Brooklyn based artist, activist, and archivist—for designing our poster! Josh is a founding member of JustSeeds Artists’ Cooperative as well as Interference Archive. JustSeeds is a collection of social justice-oriented printmakers from the United States, Canada, and Mexico who collaborate to offer graphics, installations, wheatpasting, and other forms of creative support to grassroots efforts doing progressive work. As a thirty-person collective, JustSeeds collaborators do not only support the work of other organizing communities, but build off of each other. Meanwhile Interference Archive—a social movement archive based in Gowanus, Brooklyn—is collectively managed by over one hundred volunteer-staffers. The archive contains everything from posters to zines to theory, while the volunteers work to put on exhibitions and produce publications. Aside from these specific events and releases, the archive is open to the public every Thursday to Sunday. Josh, an Oberlin graduate, has also played an integral role in developing the Celebrate People’s History Poster Series—a series of posters celebrating the legacy of radical political figures, actions, and movements (many of which are available for sale at Bluestockings)—as well as Street Art Workers and more […]

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