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In times of crisis and corruption, we continue to see which solutions work—repair homes, sustain food sources, create jobs, save lives—and which ones do not. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, we were reminded that cooperation in the form of community self-organization and networks of solidarity kept the death count low while large non-profit organizations, corporations, and government support failed to make long-term and effective change. People share, barter, crowdsource, and sacrifice in order to replenish what has been taken from them and maintain what little they may have. Such collaboration has been and will be our greatest strength in the face of other inevitable natural disasters, increased militarization, police brutality, gentrification, and economic crisis. While the resilience and power of a people united is most visible in times of catastrophe, these networks of inter- and cross- community support are operating every day around the world, including here in New York City. Yet, the solidarity economy, despite its rich and diverse history as well as intuitive logic, remains an ‘alternative’ to our dominant system: extractive capitalism. In order to figure […]

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