For Samamkaya, our embracing of yoga therapy extends to more than just how we teach yoga but also to how we run our organization. Yoga Therapeutics means approaching yoga as a method, a tool, and a philosophy to heal. Running a therapeutics business encourages us to consider more than just yoga itself, but how we are going to survive economically while maintaining the integrity of an organization that prioritizes healing. Business entities are increasingly becoming the sole drivers of social progress, or social regression, depending upon the company in question. The decisions that they make can be as influential or more than government policies. Given this situation, it is imperative to our studio that we create an organization which makes a positive social impact and is legally committed to do so as a worker cooperative. Many of our teachers have been involved with or observed similarly intended mind-body wellness businesses that struggle, either because they lose sight of their own healing identity when they adopt mainstream business principles, or they fail to find a way to adequately thrive in […]

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