Co-op Road Shows and Workshops

Co-op Road Shows

All around the city, in every neighborhood, solidarity economy groups are meeting community needs. But, all too often, folks are working in isolation. This means credit unions may not have a relationship to worker co-ops, food co-ops may not know the local community gardens, etc. Building another way of living and doing business is transformative, but it is also deeply challenging, time consuming work, and it’s easier when we do it together. Breaking outside our groups to meet other New Yorkers who are cooperating opens new opportunities and fosters a greater sense of well-being and resilience. Suddenly we’re a potential political and economic force, no longer just small groups struggling alone!

The Co-op Road Show helps bridge these gaps by bringing together all the different kinds of solidarity economy groups in a given neighborhood or borough. During a two hour workshop, facilitated by fellow New Yorkers with experiences in various sectors of the cooperative movement, you will have the opportunity to:

• Meet and network with other coop members in your area
• Dig into key concepts behind cooperatives and solidarity economics
• Identify and problem-solve around common issues and challenges
• Brainstorm and develop possibilities for working together

Co-op Road Shows are often arranged upon request of CEANYC members and allies and are best suited for groups already involved in co-ops. If you feel this would be a good opportunity for your neighborhood or group, let us know at


Solidarity Economy Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the solidarity economy, or introduce your co-op to the many other kinds of co-ops operating in New York City? We offer customized Solidarity Economy workshops to do just that. Typically 2-3 hours, these workshops introduce solidarity economy concepts and frameworks while lifting up the many forms of cooperation active in our neighborhoods. Participants not only begin to see an economy that was formerly invisible, they gain specific knowledge about the resources available to access cooperative services and technical assistance. Whether your group is just starting out, or wants to deepen its understanding of the co-op landscape, these custom offerings from local experts in the field can be just the springboard you need.

We offer workshops to a variety of groups and communities on a sliding scale that starts at $0. Let us know how we can support your group’s learning at