Run for the Board of Directors

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Please provide a brief statement on why you are interested in running for the CEANYC Board of Directors, including your relevant interests, experience, and involvement with co-ops and solidarity economy organizations.
What life experiences or skills would you bring to the CEANYC Board? Our board maintains the health of the organization, develops strategy with staff, supports grant writing, and is responsible to our diverse membership to connect, support, and grow cooperatives and solidarity enterprises across the entire city. Skills that are particularly useful for the board are financial literacy, budgeting, fundraising, strategic planning, stakeholder and coalition politics, and a familiarity with public policy advocacy.
As an organization that represents many different sectors of the cooperative and solidarity economy, it is important that CEANYC directors have experience with board service and governance or are willing to learn. Please describe your previous service on boards of directors (co-op, non-profit, or other). If you do not have prior experience you will be asked to commit to training which CEANYC will happily provide.
What is your vision for CEANYC in the next 2-5 years? Why is CEANYC important to you and to New York City? What should CEANYC be doing more of or differently in the next five years? What do you envision CEANYC’s membership and programs will look like at the end of your 2-year term?