Solidarity Economy Giving Project


We offer grants  because funding fails to reach our movement!
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New York City’s solidarity economy includes more than 2000 organizations spread across all five boroughs primarily serving women, people of color, immigrants, and low-income communities. These democratic organizations meet neighborhood needs in every area of the economy, from food to finance, housing to culture. Most do not fit the requirements for traditional philanthropy and, like all grassroots programs, receive scant government support. Ever wondered why co-ops, food justice initiatives like community gardens and CSAs, and credit unions aren’t at the same scale as capitalist enterprise? This under-resourcing has a lot to do with it.

CEANYC volunteers and staff saw this need and initiated the Solidarity Economy Giving Project (SEGP) in winter 2016 to provide much-needed funding to solidarity economy groups. The SEGP organizes  two programs: the Solidarity Economy Giving Circle (with an established cohort and accompanying regranting program) and a Solidarity Economy Giving Party held in the spring of each year that is open to all.

Come and join us in a new kind of philanthropy, focused on giving rather than grantmaking, solidarity rather than charity. Come move money to those working to transform our economy who need it most. Email to learn more.

Part of a solidarity economy organization that needs funding? Apply today or visit our Grantee FAQ to learn more.

*Photo by Zachary Schulman at the North Shore Branch of the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union