Training, Education, and Technical Assistance

Cooperative Leadership Institute 

Our Cooperative Leadership Institute (CLI) offers high quality services on a sliding scale to New Yorkers leading or creating cooperative and solidarity enterprises. Some of our programs include:

Co-op Road Show: a 2 hour overview of solidarity and cooperative enterprise principles and values, the landscape of such enterprise in NYC’s neighborhoods, and networking with groups active in the space. This workshop is designed to support those already in the field to learn more about the work of others.

Learn more about our Co-op Road Shows.

Solidarity Economy 101: similar to the Co-op Road Show, this introductory workshop is more appropriate for groups interested in learning more about the field who may not yet be participating, or whose participation may be limited to a particular sector or model of cooperation.

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Cooperative Board of Directors Training:  a day-long session to deepen participants’ knowledge of fiscal oversight, staff management, membership and representation, racial and social justice, governance, and legal responsibilities.

Cooperative Leadership Intensive: a 5 day series of sessions designed to build the skills and analysis needed for a functional personal work ecology and to lead values-aligned decision-making, address oppression and power in an organization, and build a network of peers to support ongoing economic and political cooperation

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All of our offerings plug gaps in the training and assistance available to low-income and moderate-income people in New York City’s cooperative and solidarity economy. We provide meals, English/Spanish interpretation, and childcare at these sliding scale events unless otherwise noted. Partial and full scholarships are available for day-long or multi-day programs. We value local expertise over national consulting professionals, and most of our offerings are facilitated by trained peer educators. Folks come to CEANYC not only to learn, but to build their local network.

“The [CEANYC Cooperative] Board [of Directors] training was incredibly insightful and helpful to me and our Board team, and we’ve already started implementing some of the things we learned at the training. Thank you so much for organizing, and for allowing us to attend even though we lacked the necessary funds to do so.”  -Sara Vantournhout, Bushwick Food Coop Board of Directors

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In-house and Referral Network Technical Assistance

CEANYC provides two kinds of technical assistance services: staff consulting and referrals to our network of co-op experts. We offer a wide range of assistance, from mediation and facilitation to advising on political relationships, marketing, and fundraising. When we are unable to offer support ourselves we refer to trusted organizations and individuals to help meet the need.

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“It’s a pleasure to be working with you. Thank you for navigating us adeptly through what was a complicated conversation. No one else could have done it better.” – Mark Winston Griffith, Central Brooklyn Food Coop Board of Directors